Our Story


We are a family business with over 30 years in hospitality including past experience in restaurants, bars, tourism, VIP tours,  and 5 star international resort experience. Also including corporate jets and luxury yacht charter, we believe in giving our guests, our customers, our new friends, the absolute best and memorable experience for their special day or special event.
We also have a passion for vintage caravans in particular the all Australian Viscount Caravan. We have enjoyed the restoration process in bringing these old classics back to life, to give our guests a nostalgic, photogenic, practical and attractive addition to any special occasion.


….is simple – to help create life long memories from giving yourselves, your families, your guests, your customers, everybody who shares your special day or weekend, the service, quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and passion that is second to none.
We will be the bench mark in Caravan Bars in Australia making beautiful memories for years to come.


The True Blue values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.
Customer Commitment – we develop relationships that make for an unforgettable experience in our customers lives
Quality– We provide an outstanding product, and unsurpassed service that together, deliver a premium value to our customer.
Passion – We are truly passionate about our product which is our True Blue Caravan Bars. We are equally as passionate about providing an absolute quality product, which will create unforgettable memories for all of our guests. Our passion will help create your special day.


Polysafe Drinkware

WE use a premium unbreakable drinkware that is one of Australia’s leading drinkware brands, Polysafe Drinkware. Here are a few reasons why we use this premium product.

Zero Breakages– by using unbreakable drinkware, we won’t be passing on any additional costs for replacing broken glasses.

Safety– Polycarbonate is completely shatterproof, ensuring a high level of safety for our staff, customers, children and all members of the public. it can be safely used in parks, sporting fields, backyards, anywhere where we host your special event.

Superior Thermal Retention– Polycarbonate has superior insulation properties to glass, keeping cold drinks even colder, for longer.

Eco Friendly– The team at True Blue believe in being eco friendly. Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable and has a carbon footprint almost one tenth the size of the glass equivalent. it uses half as much energy and creates seven times less carbon dioxide during its production compared to glass.

Because of these reasons we believe that you will enjoy your special event even more by drinking a cold beverage from our Polysafe Drinkware – CHEERS

Unbreakable Glass

Unbreakable drinkware are the best quality unbreakable glasses ever made. Polysafe polycarbonate drinkware is perfect for socail events, publice events, events by the ocean or a pool and anywhere broken glass can be a danger. Relax knowing your guests are safe with our Polysafe Drinkware.